Wilde Paarde Kloof is one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms in the most picturesque areas deep in the countryside of the Cape Central Valley (Route 7 Ashton).
All our guest facilities are located on a working farm nestled in the wild and majestic setting of the Langeberg Mountains. Surrounded by the peace and solitude of a farm that shares its borders with the wilderness, you are within easy driving distance to the five beautiful towns in the region – Ashton 3.7km, Montagu 15km, Robertson 22km, Bonnievale 25km, and McGregor 40km. Wilde Paarde Kloof can be described as ‘Naturally beautiful and a little wild’.
Here there is the luxury of space, hike-worthy hills and inviting historical buildings.

"Balance in all things..."

In this beautiful wine valley, Farmer Redbeard works on his land. His self-sustaining fruit, wine and honey farm is a hidden treasure of wildlife, Cape Fynbos, shimmering fruit orchards and vineyards surrounded by mountains. His attention to detail ensures that he produces quality fruit, handcrafted wines and honey with a unique and distinct aroma, flavour and character.

As an action packed holiday on this traditional South African fruit and grape farm, guests can enjoy the adventures and seasons of farming and living; wine tastings and afternoon naps, with a few bracing strolls; the harvesting of fruit, making preserves, grappa and wine; beekeeping, swimming, mountain biking, trail running, tractor trips, traditional bushbraai’s or just enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside.


The story of Wilde Paarde Kloof and Farmer Redbeard begins in the 1700’s when a host of free-burghers departed the Cape of Good Hope in search of a better life. Ancestors of the present-day owners, the Van Zyl family saw their dreams fulfilled when they first set eyes upon the beautiful valley that came to be known as Wilde Paarde Kloof. They began farming cattle and wheat close in the mountain, then vegetables, boerbokke and donkeys. They distilled Rabat for KWV and produced wine for home consumption. Later, their fruit became destined for canning at the KOO factory, and wine grapes where grown for bottling at the local co-op, Ashton cellar.

The Van Zyl’s have seen history being made. The mountain echos stories of the Anglo-boer war, against the walls of their farmhouses. The ruins of their homestead remain as a reminder of their well-developed building style and farming practices.

Today the descendants of these brave and adventurous pioneers work diligently to preserve honour and build on this beautiful heritage. In 1957, a son, Lourens van Zyl, was born with the gift of red hair. As the years passed, he grew a bushy, red beard. The colour was the same as the autumn leaves in the vineyards that he so deeply loves.  He bore a son, who has also been blessed with the gift of a red beard. Young Farmer Redbeard ( Albertus van Zyl),  Master Viticulturist,  follows in his father’s footsteps, nurturing their land for the generations of Redbeards to come. He has begun producing what some would call classical wines in a modern new world; single vineyard wines, handcrafted with care.

Now this farm has become the ideal place for wine, food and nature lovers seeking an authentic and peaceful countryside experience. Farmer Redbeard eagerly embraces the belief that farming in harmony with nature ensures that significant strides are made in protecting our precious natural heritage. Come and join him in building on this story…




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Meet the team


Albertus Van Zyl

Farmer Redbeard - Master Viticulturist,
beekeeper and farmer


Patrizia Van Zyl



Lourens Van Zyl

Owner and farmer of Wilde Paarde Kloof


Rina Van Zyl

Guesthouse Manager