Hands on Farming


A working holiday you have always dreamed of and will never forget…

Enjoy pruning or harvesting fruit from the vines and orchards with Farmer Redbeard, a glorious morning of fun; ride on the tractor, herd in his sheep…

With the fruits of your labour, you crush the grapes with your feet in a vat, make wine or mampoer/ grappa with the other fruits in a traditional way; or learn the secrets of fruit preserve or jam making with Mrs Farmer Redbeard.

Savour a traditional farmhouse lunch with us. Experience a romantic and well deserved sunset wine tasting; a short talk on wine making or fruit farming; a farm drive and nestle around a fire before your snuggle up in bed after a fun day and a job well done.

**For:** People of all ages and fitness levels
Recommended days of stay:1-5days