Beekeeping experience




Unveil the mystery of beekeeping and honey-making

Farmer Redbeard, the beekeeper, will guide you through the steps as you collect your honey from the beehives on his fruit and wine farm in the Langeberg valley. It is a smooth tractor ride to the beehive where you smoke out your bees and gently remove the honeycomb. After a safe and successful retrieval, it’s off to the honey room, where you uncap the honeycomb and spin out the honey.

Wilde Paarde Kloof produces the finest honey in our valley. Mmmmm… enjoy a honey tasting on our fresh farmhouse bread with a cup of tea or coffee.

Join Farmer Redbeard between September and April in this exhilarating, once in a lifetime experience.

Remember to wear long trousers, socks, and closed shoes as a precaution.

**COST is per person attending with a honey tasting included